Wow – 2015!

Wow – 2015, what a year! The year started with news in the Yoga world that left me and many others devastated and it started a period of really deep and sometimes painful reflection about how, and if,I would continue to teach yoga. Initially I felt that my world had fallen apart, but as with all endings, what I didn’t realize at the time, is that exciting new opportunities were on the horizon. So the year started with a makeover of The Yoga Shack and I couldn’t be happier – I feel I created a space that reflects exactly what I wanted it to be – warm, safe and welcoming.

The Yoga Shack before                                                                            and after

180793_10150093311192617_6489940_n                                                      P1040112

In January I started teaching at Benton Hall – I wasn’t sure how my style of teaching would go down at a sports venue but have met some wonderful new students and thoroughly enjoy teaching there. In classes this year we have focused on Self Care, the Elements, Yin Yoga, Doshas and Ayurveda, we have used tennis balls, music, bolsters and even performed the 12 days of Christmas! I have continued my studies training in Yin Yoga and also started training to be an Ayurvedic Practitioner – Ayurveda was never on the cards at the start of the year but has turned out to be the most significant thing that I have done all year – for me, Ayurveda fills the spaces that I feel were lacking in my yoga practice, in my daily routine and answers so many questions I had on life, yoga and the universe – it really is an amazing science and philosophy! Already Ayurveda has filtered in to how I teach and practice yoga and I am excited for when I will be able to offer an Ayurvedic clinic and consultations in 2016.


Womens Wisdom Workshops                                                                                 Tote bags and T-Shirts


P1040120                 P1040121                                      totewhite

This year also saw me run several Womens Wisdom Workshops, co-create and run Essex Red Tents first weekend retreat, run my first ever yoga retreat in Glastonbury and even launch a clothing range! Again – this wasn’t planned but arose from what students wanted and the clothes arose due to a need for me to have a new ‘uniform’ for work ☺

Glastonbury Yoga Retreat

P1040137           P1040185          P1040177        P1040170


I also had a stunning new logo designed and was forced to create a new website when the old one disappeared, I have also  recently added new evening classes at The Yoga Shack too. I cannot express how grateful I am to have so many wonderful students who continually inspire me and drive me to become the best teacher that I can be. This year really has shown me that you cannot plan anything and when the future looked so bleak who knew how full and beautiful it would be!

oh, and I turned 40…………………….