Well Woman Yoga Therapy

Well-Woman Yoga Therapy

With Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle advice


Yoga as we know it, mostly, was designed by men for men. It’s only recently that women have started to adapt these ancient practices to better suit our unique ever-changing physiology.

Most of us have not been taught to honour our rhythms and try to live life in a masculine way – this in turn can cause many physical, emotional and psychological problems for some of us, leading to PMS, sub fertility and other reproductive and digestive conditions.

I have always had a deep interest in Womens spirituality and when I came to yoga I naturally gravitated towards working with women, I originally held Full Moon Yoga workshops and now also Womens Wisdom Workshops.  My aim has always been to reconnect Women with their own innate power. Power to heal, power to be, power to create!

As my journey continued I was inspired by the work of Miranda Grey and I trained with Uma Dinsmore Tuli and Francoise Freedmen – both experts in the field of Womens Yoga with their teachings and the work I already had established I now offer a deepening level of this work -Well Woman Yoga Therapy.

I also studied Ayurveda with Dr Deepa Apte becoming an Ayurvedic practitioner with additional studies in Ayurveda for Women – this has really helped bring so many healing tools together that I can now offer a fully integrated, truly holistic service.


Well Woman Yoga Therapy is designed to assist and support all women during their life cycles with yoga practices, breathing, sound, meditation and deep relaxation that are all designed with the female mind-body at its heart. Using each woman’s menstrual  cycle as a wheel to guide this wonderful therapeutic approach where applicable and/or using the lunar cycle if menstruation no longer occurs. Along with the specific yoga practices to suit your needs I will offer Ayuervedic diet and lifestyle advice to support your journey


I offer 1:1 Well-Woman Yoga Therapy sessions to suit your needs, and your current life cycle phase so whether you need support with:



reconnecting you with your  menstrual cycle along with the lunar cycle is a powerful way to support healthy menstruation, you will be given advice on how to track your cycle and learn how to harness it instead of fight against it

Working with your cycle to bring about balance and optimum health, whether you suffer from irregular cycle, endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, heavy bleeding, pelvic floor weakness and other structural pelvic issues


Fertility and Conception

working holistically on all levels, physical, pranic, psychological, intellectual and spiritual to help unlock blockages that might be the cause of your fertility issues, in order to restore and boost your overall well-being, offering Ayurvedic suggestions to help prepare the body for conception, encouraging you to engage with a yoga practice that doesn’t deplete your ojas (inner juices) and that fully honour your inner rhythms, working to promote natural fertility and a positive attitude to conception


Perimenopausal and Menopausal years

Understanding the changes in your cycle which are also often reflected in our work and family life, and allowing you to fully embrace the next season of your life as a woman with deep nurturing and grounding practices whilst addressing any specific issues you may be experiencing (from physical or emotional: prolapse, mood swings, hot flashes…) , supporting the process with diet, yoga, herbs and subtle lifestyle changes


These are some of the ways well woman yoga and Ayurveda can help you, but what ever stage you are at, these practices and ancient healing sciences can help you maintain optimum health if you are currently experiencing good health or help you find balance where it may be lacking.


Please do get in touch for a chat if you think this approach is for you, you can call or email me


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