Essex Red Tents

Essex Red Tents are women’s gatherings that celebrate womanhood and sisterhood… whether that’s with a structured activity like creative exercises, meditation, learning massage, feminine energy yoga, story telling, making things with chocolate – there is always chocolate at Red Tent… or it may simply be a chance to sit with women in a nurturing circle to chat, to laugh, sip tea, exchange ideas, cry, hold, flop and give each other the feminine support that can be missing in our masculine-minded, competitive world.

We meet monthly on a Sunday, 11am-3pm in winter, 1-5pm in summer, sometimes at the Tree Room in Colchester, or at each other’s houses, and at a beautiful woodland too.

Red Tent is inspired by the Native American custom of taking time out during menstruation, and it’s an intention to value, honour and celebrate ourselves as women, whether we feel connected to our feminine nature or not, whether we are mothers, not mothers, if we’re menopausal, post-menopausal, menstruating or not. Come just as you are! You don’t have to be in a sociable mood to come to Red Tent, whether you’re grumpy, deflated, happy or hyper, if you don’t know what you could contribute or gain from it, you are warmly welcome… Some of us like to wear red, orange or pink, perhaps bring some red cloth to decorate our circle, anything you’ve made with chocolate is always gratefully received, but you don’t have to wear anything particular or bring anything at all. Depending on the venue, you may benefit from bringing a blanket or firm cushion to help you sit comfortably.

This summer we are holding a weekend retreat in beautiful Danbury, Essex… to learn more, check out our facebook event: – upcoming event

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